The Laundry Bill

Our stay in Trinidad, Cuba on this trip was at the Iberostar Hotel in the center of the city.  Easily the fanciest hotel I’ve ever stayed in, (hey, I stay in my backpacking tent when I go to the White Mountains of New Hampshire to photograph ) with attentive staff, doorman, towels folded and twisted into animal shapes, and of course “turn down service”.

When matt and I returned to our room on the first evening we discovered that our beds were turned down, chocolates left on the pillows, and our clothes moved. My toothbrush was moved, my shaving kit was zipped up, and the chairs that we have moved slightly were carefully repositioned.

Our immediate comments went something like this: “What the ….”?  “Where did the blankets go?” “Where’s my toothbrush?” “Did you take my shirt ?” “Do you want my chocolates ?”

After we stopped laughing we agreed that the “No Molestar” sign would go on the door every evening. Subsequently, not to be deterred, the staff would instead leave a long-stemmed red rose on the door. I guess everyone got a rose who did not want the staff in their room at night … phew !

Oh yes, the laundry … I had planned to wash a sink full of clothes in Trinidad anyway and since I was living in a fancy – schmancy hotel, I decided to take advantage of the laundry service. One extra small travel towel, one pair of socks, two tee shirts, and three jockey shorts went into the provided bag and left outside the door. Matt told me later in the day that the maid had taken my clothes and was very happy to have the laundry.

Late the next day the phone in the bathroom rings (yes… in the bathroom) …  “Your laundry is done and I will bring it to your room in five minutes”. Sure enough, the knock on the door came and the smiling maid delivered my clothes. “You pay now” she said three times.

The bill ? … 20.50 CUC plus 1.50 CUC tip.

I got a better value in the “Baby Milk Scam”,  but no fewer laughs.

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