Luis – the Poet

One goal I had on this, my second trip to Trinidad, Cuba, was to find people I met the previous year. This was quite easy to accomplish by bringing 4×6 prints with me and showing them to the locals in the general area. Cubans would gather around, all wanting to see the images. They would laugh and if they knew the person in the image they would tell me where to find him or her. Several times I would give the images to the Cubans gathered around and not long after the person I was looking for would find ME. It was a very rewarding experience to see the smiles on the faces of my new “old” friends.

I did have trouble finding Luis, however. Four of us made a mission of it one evening. Hanging out in the Plaza Mayor and being patient paid off. I spotted Luis Taxi delivering four cases of beer to a restaurant. I helped him push his wheelbarrow up a cobblestone street and unload the delivery. I stayed with him and we both walked back downhill to where the others had now gathered.

I should tell you that Luis writes poetry and for Americans he will read a poem about the state in which you live.

Our purpose that evening was to have Luis read his poem about Virginia for a friend that was with us the previous year. We photographed the poem, photographed Luis, and even made a video of the reading. He was truly happy to hear our story.

_MG_1705 copy

_MG_1698 copy

_MG_1696 copy

_MG_1690 copy

2 thoughts on “Luis – the Poet”

  1. Pictures like old Tools that were used by people so often have a story to tell, love your stories through the Lens, good stuff, thanks.

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