The Welder

On our way to Cienfuegos we stopped to eat at a yacht club. ( Who knew there was a yacht club ?)  I wasn’t really hungry so While my companions were having lunch I wandered out on the dock where a barge was tied up. There were two men woking to fabricate new handrails for the dock, a welder and his helper.
I’m no stranger to this type of work and quickly identified with them. I took a few photos and couldn’t help noticing that the welder was cutting steel flat bar with no eye protection. This will not only ruin one’s eyesight, but can be serious if a hot spark finds it’s way into one’s eye.
When they took a short break, I called the welder over to me and gave him my dark glasses. ( the shades I wear are actually bona fide safety glasses ). I gestured that he could keep them and his face lit up. He put them on and went back to work cleaning up the steel pieces that he had just cut.

_MG_0526 copy

_MG_0542 copy

_MG_0550 copy

_MG_0560 copy

2 thoughts on “The Welder”

  1. Nice gesture, Safety first last and always, disappointed he was not lighting his torch with a cigar!, glad he took and used your glasses…Cheers

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