They hang out in the tourist areas of Havana and Trinidad. They are not the average Cuban. They’re characters that dress in costumes and ham it up for the camera.  They’re fun to photograph and they know it. They also expect to be paid, but it’s worth it. They’re the posers.

_MG_8388 copy

This lady and her co-hort will let you sit between them and have your picture taken. They are quite demanding about being paid and will cover their faces until you give them a CUC. I teased this lady about not paying until she gave me this look.

_MG_8411 copy

This gentleman was hanging out in front of a bar on busy Obispo Street. He was not very personable (relatively speaking ). I grabbed a quick shot on someone else’s CUC.

_MG_8136 copy

Now, this guy would have posed all day. He jumped up on a wagon and hammed it up for our entire group  while his friends cheered him on.

_MG_8212 copy

There are a few of these cigar smoking ladies in Old Havana. They hang out in Plaza de la Catederal, Plaza de Armas, and Plaza Vieja.

_MG_9444a_b_c_fused copy

I remembered this gentleman from 2013. He hangs out in front of a popular tourist stop on San Rafael Street.

_MG_9351 copy

One of our most popular posers, especially with the women in our group, this Cuban loved the attention.

3 thoughts on “Posers”

  1. I think the guy in the bottom image made quite a few CUC’s the day he posed for us! He was quite handsome and willing to pose. One of my favorites was the guy who jumped up on the wagon. He was fun and had a good sense of humor.

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